Venicemarathon 27th October 2019

Start 10 kms Finish
Mestre – San Giuliano Park, Blue Entrance Venice – Riva Sette Martiri

After starting from San Giuliano Park in Mestre (Porta blu – Venicemarathon Exposport Village) athletes will reach Venice crossing the 4 km long bridge: Ponte della Libertà (Freedom Bridge) to enter the new Harbour area and reach the historic centre of the city, where the nicest and most spectacular part of the race course starts. Runners will run by the Canale della Giudecca up to the Punta della Dogana, here athletes will cross the Grand Canal on a bridge, built for the Venicemarathon. Then the course leads runners through St. Mark Sq. , next to the Campanile and the Palazzo Ducale to reach the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri.

Venicemarathon – St Mark’s Sq

Start 42 kms Finish
Stra (VE) – Villa Pisani  Venice – Riva Sette Martiri 

Start is located in Stra (a small country town about 25 kms west of Venice), along the Brenta Riviera, the beautiful riverside area where rich and noble Venetians built their vacation mansions in the 18th century.
The finish is in the historic centre of Venice, after passing through St. Mark’s square on to the Riva Sette Martiri, along the lagoon facing St George island.

Venicemarathon – Villa Pisani

More details and registration:

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